ATCU Teacher of the Month February 2021

ATCU Teacher of the Month February 2021

Submitted by Alabama Teacher’s Credit Union

ALABAMA — We are pleased to announce Ms. Anna Adams, teacher at Ruhama Junior High School, is our February 2021 Teacher of the Month for the DeKalb County area, in partnership with The Southern Torch.

Ms. Adams explained that being a teacher puts her in a position to influence young minds and allows her to give and show children love, reassurance, and attention. At the end of the day, Ms. Adams desires to go home and know she made a difference in her students’ lives.

She shared the most rewarding part of her job is teaching students to believe in themselves and never give up! To Ms. Adams, it is absolutely priceless to hear a student say “I did it! I am so proud of myself!” Ms. Adams makes learning fun and engaging by integrating her students’ interests into the activities and lessons.

Ms. Adams feels that the biggest challenge is teaching students in a climate of chaos and disruption while simultaneously dealing with the impact from a truly unprecedented year. Through all the pandemic uncertainty, Ms. Adams has strived to make sure the students have the most normal and successful school year possible. She encourages the community to continue to be supportive to all teachers, staff, and faculty.

In closing, Ms. Adams added that she absolutely loves her job, Ruhama Junior High School, and is very thankful for the opportunity to love each one of her students!

Congratulations, Ms. Adams, and thank you for all you do for the future of our communities.