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About 98-3 Wild Country
The name Wild Country was inspired by three local boys from Fort Payne, Alabama who took a big chance and gave the world a lifetime of great music.
98-3 Wild Country is committed to playing the country music you know and love – with an occasional wild card thrown in.
We are like the hard-working men and women of Northeast Alabama who get up and strive to make a living each day. We are about taking chances and following dreams. We are about working your tail off to prove that you can make it.
Thanks for listening and spending your time with us! We’re excited that you’re along for the Wild Country ride!
Morning Show co-host
Operations Manager

He’s not your average Joe.

He his, however, a shining storyteller, an avid motorcyclist, and thinks College Football is the sport of the gods.

At 18 Joe was framing houses in Tennessee, and had a nasty accident where he almost cut his leg off. A neighbor, Nashville radio legend Dave Walton, lived up the street from Joe and was a huge influence on what path he took next. Faced with the decision of keeping both his legs, or possibly building a career handing out free tee shirts, working in radio was the obvious choice.

His connection to the music scene in Nashville runs two generations deep. His mother was a country music singer, and his dad was a letter carrier who delivered mail to the stars on Music Row for more than 30 years.

Joe and his wife Lori have two fantastic children, who share their parents’ love for fun, humor, and acting a fool. Joe’s favorite personal saying is: “Ignorance is a relative question. Now, just who are your relatives?”

“Radio’s responsibility is to the community. We should all be stewards of our fellow man and radio has allowed me to do that on many different and meaningful levels,” Joe said.

Joe is all about bringing laughter and information to your mornings. He also works to bridge communities together, and help local business owner share their stories.

If you’re looking for something gut-grabbingly funny, and more informative than the average talking heads radiospeak, we invite you to the 98-3 Wild Country Morning Show, weekdays beginning at 6am.

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